Number Two – Harvest Calm, a guide

Times just keep changing. When I initially wrote Harvest Calm, it was a book, a 21 day course, coaching sessions and food guides on how to heal with panic. Recently the entire site got eaten by the internet and so I had a good look through all the Harvest Calm material and have decided that things have moved on. I wrote the whole thing when I was coming out of a hideously toxic relationship, and the language, while clear about how to heal from panic, and full of useful ideas on how to gently introduce new nudges that sewed the seeds for future healing and a calm life, is a trigger for me on how stilted and in-survival mode I was, and so I’ve laid it to rest. I initially tried to rewrite parts, to vibe up old ways of expressing myself, to let what I wanted to write flow, but I realised I was patching over old patterns, and it felt better to let the whole thing go and start again. So here we are! New post, new beginning, new year. New challenges. I have heartbreaking new chapters in my life, times that require an anchor into healing light, not for myself but for people I love. I have heartwarming new beings in my life, surprises that tickle my old anxieties by not triggering them, but reminding them that they are echoes from a traumatic past, that of course may still need a voice, but are not necessary to keep me safe today. The relationships I have now are clean, clear and invigorating. If I’m smiling at you when I meet you, know that you are the fabric of my current day heaven, and I’m so grateful.