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Good Morning!

How did you sleep? So I went to sleep last night praying that dream time would over come me before I went completely mental, wishing I could have Simba on my side, but knowing he would find 4am the perfect time to stare into my face and breathe up my nose until I woke up… Read More Good Morning!


New Book

Our good friend Mick Collins has just published his new book – LINK – and my sisters and I were chatting last night about our first meeting with him. I felt when I met him that instantly I sank into the safest version of myself and talked without trying to guess what kind of speaking… Read More New Book

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Heart Matters

It’s a changing world for many people, and me. Today is the day that my baby was due, the date being particularly special, at the time, and now having a new meaning – ‘Dot’s due date’. This morning I woke up with a sense of celebration, I knew today was going to be special, but… Read More Heart Matters


Number One

Welcome to Harvest Calm. This is a safe space to explore different ways that help the healing process to arrive at a peaceful life. There are so many ways that people can heal, and so many combinations that work at different times. Everything I post on here are things that I have tried myself, and… Read More Number One