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Harvest Calm

This is where I was: terrified to be on my own in the house, on a bus, in town, constantly looking for safe places I could run if I got really bad. My chest would become tight, I couldn’t feel my breath, my throat was closing in, and I had a strong sense that I… Read More Harvest Calm

Experience, Harvest Calm

Broken open

I was having a walk along a busy road, cars racing by and thinking about herbs and how they are healing. Some situations are ripe for healing with herbs. And others are not. A broken bone needs setting first, and then herbs can help it heal, up to three times faster than if not treated… Read More Broken open

Experience, Harvest Calm

Good Morning!

How did you sleep? So I went to sleep last night praying that dream time would over come me before I went completely mental, wishing I could have Simba on my side, but knowing he would find 4am the perfect time to stare into my face and breathe up my nose until I woke up… Read More Good Morning!