About Harvest Calm

Hello! welcome to Harvest Calm …

Are you ready to say ADIOS! to panic attacks? I’m on a mission to help people find relief from stress and anxiety and I have found a way to reclaim my life, which I’m sharing with you here at Harvest Calm.

Harvest Calm is designed to serve you in a number of ways.

Firstly there’s the blog where I share tips and practices that have helped me to heal from panic. I also update it with new findings that either help me or I think will help other people.

I also regularly update Instagram so if that’s where you hang out we can connect there.

I regularly send out emails with tips, ideas, research, free gifts and resources to heal from anxiety and panic attacks, you can sign up with the blue button to the right, and once you’re on the list, if at any time Harvest Calm is not serving you well then its super easy to unsubscribe.

Finally I’ve created the Harvest Calm Course, which is a 21 day commitment to healing. Each day has a specific focus and a plan to follow. You can spend as much time as you want on the course, the minimum time you’ll need to set aside each day is around 30 minutes in order to achieve significant results within the three weeks. It’s available HERE, and is free until the end of January 2016.

While there are many reasons why people have panic attacks, the panic and anxiety habits in the body follow similar pathways, as we’re all human and our bodies respond in predictable ways it is possible to treat the body and mind in such a way that it becomes more difficult to create a panic attack, and easier to be free of anxiety.

21 days is enough time to experience significant relief from panic attacks. By the time I had created the course I was already well on my way to being panic free, but still had episodes where panic started to rule my life again. One time was after I suffered a personal loss which was devastating, and I felt like not only did I have to process that but also was back to square one with panic attacks again, and another intensely anxious time for me came right out of the blue. I have no idea why but I just started getting panic attacks again. Each time my anxiety came back I tested the Harvest Calm course again,  each time it was easier to experience relief, and within a few days the intensity of my panic attacks reduced, and they came less frequently.

To be super clear, Harvest Calm is NOT intended to replace any healing processes, therapies or medication that may be being used to help support nervous anxiety, rather it is a lifestyle addition that it is hoped will allow the body’s natural healing processes come to the fore and be supported and encouraged.