You clicked on the emergency stop button – here’s my response to you having a panic attack.

  1. ACTION – make as much movement as you can, whatever you do will start to dissipate your panic feelings. They cannot last very long. They do not have energy. You are experiencing a crisis that will pass. Clap your hands, stamp your feet. Take your right hand and pat firmly along your left arm from your shoulder to your wrist. Take your left hand and pat firmly along your right arm from shoulder to your wrist.
  2. BREATHE – you are taking in too much oxygen, regulate your breathing to four seconds in, hold for one second, five seconds out. Do not force your breath. You will not pass out. Keep this pattern going while you are in the panic mode and until you feel settled again.
  3. CONNECT – your senses being stimulated will calm you down. Clench your hands on your inbreath and relax them on the out breath, focus on what that feels like. You can do this as part of whatever movement you are choosing to do. Connect with what you can see around you. After a couple of minutes place your hands firmly onto your thighs and press hard on your inbreath and relax on your out breath. If you are sitting down then spend a few breaths clenching your calf muscles on the inbreath and relax on the out breath.

Once the panic feelings pass, stand still and continue to count your breathing but change it to the following rhythm, in for four seconds, hold for one, out for six and hold for one. Do this for five minutes. While you are standing still, relax your knees and ankles, have your arms softly by your side. Allow your body to shake. This shaking allows any residual hormones and nerves involved in the panic attack to be released from your body. Five minutes should be enough to experience relief, and take your whole body one step further to releasing panic attacks from your life.

I’m so sorry you have panic attacks, I will continue to serve you here at Harvest Calm has best as I can to help release panic from your life. If you’d like some hints on how to take care of yourself after a panic attack go HERE