Panic Attack After Care

You’ve done the ABC of the emergency stop to a panic attack – and now your panic is over but most likely you still feel jangled. This is perfectly normal, it can take a while to settle again after a panic episode. These three simple tips will help you to settle back in to feeling relaxed again.

DRINK – make sure you have adequate water, I suggest one glass on the hour for four hours after a panic attack, you can either sip it through the hour, or drink it all in one go. It is best if its water, or a non sweetened drink, if you do have a sweetener then make sure you have something to eat at the same time so your blood sugar spikes less.

EAT – make sure you eat something, a little something sweet to replace the energy burned during the attack and a larger something of either protein or that has good oils in. A good suggestion is chicken soup, chia pudding, a cheese sandwich, chicken salad, a smoothie, basically anything that won’t spike your blood sugar that is also delicious.

FEEL – connect with your emotions about the panic attack, and connect with someone who you love. Express how you feel about it – either through writing, talking or singing. If you choose to write you are stimulating a place in your brain that creates a story, which encourages your subconscious mind to work through the reasons why you have panic attacks, and work towards a solution of how you can release whatever is stimulating the attacks. It is ‘storyboarding’ your experience, expressing with a goal of resolution. If you choose to talk to someone, especially to someone who you don’t hold back with, you are stimulating the part of your brain where we feel most at home, which releases the hormones needed to feel relaxed and safe. We are hardwired to empathise with those around us, and by talking to them we take our being back to where we started, and where we feel most safe and connected to who we are. If you choose to sing, it connects the left and right brain, which creates a sense of balance, and by acknowledging what we feel brings a sense of comfort and safety.

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