Where I got the idea for ‘harvesting’…

Harvesting is reaping the reward of having an idea, putting it into action and consistently taking care of it in the way that it needs to be nurtured. 

We are natural, organic, constantly changing and growing, and have an almost predictable response to stress. Whatever the stressor, the body has a set reaction, that sometimes reaches such a peak that it can erupt into storms that can be terrifying and seem to come out of nowhere.

In any form of anxious condition there can be a sense of helplessness, even embarrassment and humiliation, as well as a sense that the anxious condition is ‘all in the mind’ and not to be taken seriously.

While the root of anxiety and panic attacks may lie in anxious thoughts and negative thought habits, I have an idea that the causes of anxiety lie not only in thought patterning, but also in a stress response being released due to many different reasons including low or high levels of oxygen, fluctuating blood sugar levels, compressed nerves, hormonal imbalance, social isolation, repressed historical abuse, peer pressure or tissue tension due to old injury. By creating a programme that nurtures all these areas, 

Harvest CALM is a structured way of nurturing the whole body forming a programme of specifically designed brain training exercises, physical movements, eating plans, breathing exercises, compassion practice, whole body therapies, talking therapies and focus of awareness habits.

This means that you and I do not have to radically change our minds, or force ourselves to relax, but rather to engage so fully in conditioning ourselves to nurturing self care, that the underlying triggers for panic simply do not have as much time, space or energy. Slowly but surely a path of whole vibrant health emerges, and encourages whatever the underlying reasons for anxiety are to heal themselves in their own time.
I don’t know what has brought you to be reading this, but if you are suffering from any form of anxious condition then I hope that you will find something useful for you here.

Everyone is different, and what works for some people really doesn’t do it for others, this is why I’ve included different kinds of support which I hope means that you find the perfect key that allows your peaceful nature to flourish.

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