How hydrating helps keep you calm



Water is our connection to life. We use 7 litres of water a day, 5 litres of which is taken from the food we eat, which is why we need to supplement with around 1.5 – two litres of water. Since anxiety can be triggered by low levels of any of the essential nutrients when we become dehydrated it can trigger feelings of stress. Focus of attention on the benefits of water as one is drinking can train the brain to notice that water is being drunk, and reduce any anxiety that has been triggered by dehydration.
Not drinking enough water may have an effect on anxiety for a variety of reasons. Hormones may be unable to reach their destination due to lower blood pressure. Muscles are slightly tenser when dehydrated, and as the brain is 85% water, and the body is primed to protect the brain at all cost, a panic attack may be triggered in response to not drinking enough water.
While dehydration will probably not be the only trigger for a panic attack, it certainly may play a part and may be the precursor to other triggers for anxiety such as feeling weak, achy, faint and having an increased heart rate.
Having a glass of water is a good distraction technique when feeling generally anxious, or that a panic attack may be coming on. Rehydrate with a conscious decision that it is part of an interruption, and focus on the physical sensations of drinking the water.
Bach flower and homeopathic remedies can both be used in water, as with any therapy it is useful to see a professional to get advice.
If you cannot find a therapist some good Bach Flower Remedies are:
Mimulus for fear of a thing that you know what it is
Aspen for fear but you don’t know what it is
Red Chestnut for fear that something bad will happen to a loved one
Rock Rose for someone who is frozen in fear
Cherry Plum for fear of loss of control
Elm for overwhelming fear
White Chestnut for unwanted yet repeated thoughts or worries

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